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Solink Attracting Tech Companies to Ottawa

In today’s world, as more parts of business and people’s personal lives becomes dependent on technology, there is a race between cybersecurity and the people who try to circumvent it. However, there is also a different kind of crime that can be tackled using technology; in-store theft. While most companies are trying to focus solely on protecting their customers online assets from tech savvy people with bad intentions, the Ottawa-based company Solink is using that technology to delete a problem that has been around for years.

Solink fills a hole in the niche industry that I think has been around for far too long. They use video surveillance and tracking to weed out fraud and theft, which minimizes loss due to crime. Their work is valuable in the sense that it will make prices go down for the customers of these establishments, which is something that I am sure we can all be happy for. It also means higher profits for these conglomerates, leading to happy owners.

Through their work, they have received recognition both inside and out of Ottawa. In late 2017, they were named the recipient of the 2017 Team of the Year Award presented by the Best Ottawa Business Awards. Not only have they received awards in Ottawa, but they are also drawing more innovations to the city with some of their prestigious customers. One that is known by everyone is the business mogul Elon Musk, who has added them to his portfolio. In my eyes, once other companies see the potential for such big investments, they will not only be drawn to make better products, but even to see Ottawa as a new potential business hub for the high-tech age.

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