Android Photography

3 Apps for Android Photography

Photography has undertaken a massive transformation over the last few years. From 2008 when the first Android phone was taken to market, the HTC Dream, it showed off an industry leading 3.15 megapixel camera. This was the start of the end of photography as we knew it, the beginning of the smartphone camera revolution. If we jump back to 2018, smartphone cameras are almost at DSLR quality. Here are the top 3 android apps to make the most of smartphone photography:


Google Photos – Free

Google Photos IconGoogle Photos is a must have for any smartphone photographer. It symbolises the end of those pesky your storage is full notifications, by providing free unlimited cloud storage for all your photos and videos. All these photos and videos are safely backed up to Google’s cloud, this means you never lose that perfect picture or priceless family video. These photos are then accessible on all your devices, no more connecting your device to a computer to get access.


Moment – Pro Camera – £1.79


Moment App IconSo you’ve got the smartphone with the best camera, you take a picture and it looks wonderful. Now you go to take another picture, you can’t make the picture how you want it because there are no manual settings. That’s where moment comes in, you can customise any of the camera’s settings and even save the photo in raw format. With moment your photos finally look like you intended.


Pixlr – Free

Pixlr App Icon

The best thing about smartphone photography is that the whole process can be done on something that can fit in your pocket, so why not do the editing on your smartphone too? With Pixlr you can do just that, it won’t replace Photoshop for your major edits, but it has all the tools you need to make your pictures look professional.