President of Antilia homes: 2017 So Far

Ravi Shanghavi, President of Antilia Homes, reflects on the year-to-date.

We’re just over half way through the year 2017: that went fast!

we’ve been incredibly busy at Antilia Homes, handing-over our first set of sold properties, finishing off rental units, and getting new projects started.

Kitchen finish in one of our Ravenhill Avenue luxury rentals
Kitchen finish in one of our Ravenhill Avenue luxury rentals

We’ve taken great pride in paying attention to detail in all of our properties, especially on interiors. This is what sets us apart from other custom home developers in Ottawa, and makes our Homes feel just that: homes, not units. Clients work directly with interior designers and other professionals to make their bespoke home theirs.

Ravi Shanghavi has years of project management experience, and thus is well-situated to lead the team at Antilia Homes. Further, Ravi has plenty of local knowledge, being a long-term resident of Ottawa. This gives Antilia the edge when it comes to locating and securing desirable plots, such as in Wetsboro Village.

Head over to the website to take a look at our current properties.

Thanks for reading this update!

Ravi Shanghavi (August, ’17)