Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa

Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa is a goal-driven individual, with an eye for detail.

Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa has skills that stretch to every corner of the computing and management sphere, from Cloud Computing to IT Architecture. Below are some of Ravi’s key skills, with an explanation of what each involves:


1. Cloud Computing

This practice involves using the internet and remote servers to store, manage and process data, as opposed to the traditional method of a local server. Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa is an expert in this area, and can create complex networks and storage systems with ease.

2. IT Architecture

Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa designed and managed a project in which a network was created that could handle 4,000+ users and over 30,000 jobs daily. This is an impressive feat, especially considering the project was both designed and managed by Ravi Shanghavi himself.

3. Virtualization

This is the act of creating a virtual system or operating system, which does not run independently, however appears to the user as a stand-alone interface. Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa is proficient in this relatively cutting-edge area.

Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa4. Grid Computing

This is the practice of linking up a large network of computers in order to create a powerful system, capable of handling complex tasks. Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa also has experience and knowledge in this area of IT.

5. Project Management

Ravi holds a PMP, meaning he has taken part in extensive Project Management training and maintains a consistent level of professional development. In his capacity as President of Antilia Homes, Shanghavi utilises these skills to deliver luxury, bespoke properties.

Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa – Experience

Ravi has worked for a number of businesses, such as Nokia, and HP. Through this work he has gained a lot of experience in different fields of work, some of which is detailed below:


Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa worked here as a Line Manager and Support Engineer. From this role, Ravi learned and demonstrated excellent communication and management skills, as he was responsible for the productivity of a team of engineers. Line Manager is a well-respected role, especially at a world-leading business such as Nokia.


Ravi worked here as an Executive Support Analyst. This proved Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa’s problem-solving abilities, as he was faced with a number of issues and was responsible for making the right decisions in order to promote growth within HP. Ravi excelled in these areas, and has taken these skills with him since his time there in 2006.